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Learn the Importance of a Personal Brand

Discover Your Unique You: Crafting Your Personal Brand for Teen Triumph and Success in College & Workplace

In this course, you will learn about: 

Personal Brand
• Introduction
• Three Steps of Personal Brand
• Your Brand

Mission Statement

• What is a Mission Statement
• How to write one?
• Social Media Strategy
• Brand Archetypes

Building a Personal Brand

• Elon Musk
• LeBron James
• Michelle Obama
• Becoming an Influencer
• Build YOUR Profile

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Learn the basics of Money, Investing and Credit

Empowering Teens for Financial Success: Navigating the Path to Smart Money Management!

In this course, you will learn about:  

The Basics of Money
• Introduction to Money & Investing
• Money Mindset & Psychology
• 6 Financial Personality Types
• Basics of Personal Finance

Budgeting & Bank Accounts
• Tracking Expenses & Budgeting
• Introduction to Bank Accounts
• Interest Rates
• Mastering Your Personal Finances
• Bank Account Types

Investing & Saving
• Power of Investing & Compounding
• Retirement & Investing
• 10 Levels of Financial Independence
• How to Retire Early

Credit Cards & Credit Scores
• Credit, Debit & Debt Introduction
• Types of Debt
• What is a Credit Score?
• Credit Card Basics

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